How to Keep Your Pet’s Cool This Summer

Ice Ice Baby!

If you know its going to be a warm day and want to help keep your pets cool, pop a few ice cubes in their water dish before you leave. That way their water will be cool for longer than normal, your pets will appreciate a cool drink on a hot day.

Another option is to fill a water bottle and freeze it overnight (make sure not to fill it right to the top as water expands in the freezer) and place this wrapped in a towel in your pet’s bed so they can cool off if they want to. Avoid gel cooling packs as the contents are toxic to pets (as well as humans), their claws and teeth can easily puncture the packaging.

Frozen treats for dogs such as frozen fruit and Kongs filled with frozen canned food can help to cool your pet off by giving them something to relax with in the shade.

Elevate the bed

Elevating your pet’s bed allows air to flow under their bed keeping them cooler. You can do this by making a bed out of PVC pipe and sliding a mesh fabric “hammock” between them.


Fans are a great way to create air flow giving your pet the illusion of a cooler environment. Placing a small box fan near their favorite hang out can give them the option to be in the breeze of the fan’s air or to lounge in the sun.

Shave and a Hair Cut

If your cat has long fur, consider getting them a lion cut to help ease suffering on those hot summer days. But be careful: White and light-colored cats also have very pale skin and can be subject to sunburn.

Talk to your vet about whether giving your feline friend a shave could help keep them cool in the hot weather. Another option is to have only their tummy shaved: that way, they can get sun protection as well as cooling.

For dogs, making sure their winter coat has blown completely and has been brushed out will help keep them cool. For breeds of dogs that should not be shaved its best to keep their coat free of mats and loose hair.

Cool Cloth

Using a damp cloth or paper towel pet your furry friend on their head and along their back, belly, armpits and feet. Cats may not be a fan of this method at first but will soon realize this technique can keep them cool.