Herd Consultation

Our practice is able to consult with livestock producers on a wide range of health and production issues:

  • Herd reproductive status checks and associated management protocols
  • Herd vaccination protocols individually tailored to each operation
  • Consulting on nutritional management of beef and dairy herds including ration formulation to optimize production while maintaining animal health
  • Udder health management of dairy herds to optimize milk quality and production
  • Management of various disease outbreaks on a herd level

Individual Sick Animals

The traditional picture of a veterinarian examining and treating an individual sick animal is still an important part of our day-to-day practice. We are able to offer on-farm service in most instances. We also offer a haul-in facility for large animals in the Rosthern Clinic as well as facilities for hospitalization of young calves.


Obstetrical assistance is a regular request from many of our large animal clients. Our veterinarians are able to offer obstetrical assistance to both cattle and horses as needed. In most instances, on-farm service is available if requested and if facilities are suitable to ensure the safety and health of the animal, clients, and the veterinarian. As well, we are able to utilize the large animal haul-in facilities at the Rosthern clinic for obstetrical emergencies.


Our practice veterinarians are able to offer a wide variety of surgical options, as needed, for our large animal patients. Bovine surgery can range from routine dehorning and castration, to Caesarian sections, to exploratory laparotomies and correction of displaced abomasum if necessary, as well as other assorted soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Equine surgery options include routine castration, laceration repair, mass removal, and other soft tissue surgeries. Surgeries can either be performed on-farm or at the Rosthern clinic dependant on client request and suitability of conditions.

Port Mortem Examinations

Our veterinarians are regularly called upon to perform post-mortem examinations (autopsy) on animals that have died in order to ascertain cause of death. A post-mortem is most commonly utilized to discover the cause of an ongoing herd problem, determine the cause of an unexplained death, or the examination may be required to supplement an insurance investigation. We regularly utilize the services of Prairie Diagnostic Services in Saskatoon to supplement our physical examination findings with laboratory testing as needed.

In most cases, it is most appropriate that a post-mortem examination be performed on the farm, but in certain instances post-mortems may be performed at the Rosthern clinic. There are certain federal regulations governing movement of dead bovines, so please contact the Rosthern office prior to transporting a deceased animal to the clinic.

Equine Dentistry

In many circumstances, horses require regular dental examinations and care as part of an ongoing health maintenance program that will include regular deworming and vaccination programs. Our practice utilizes a McPherson oral speculum to facilitate thorough oral examinations and a PowerFloatTM to properly shape and maintain horse’s teeth. These procedures can be performed on the farm or at the Rosthern clinic.

CFIA Testing & Inspections

From time to time, it is sometimes necessary for animals to be inspected or tested to satisfy Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements. In many cases, this is done for animals being transported to shows or races or if the animal is to be moved across the Canadian international border to another country. The veterinarians in the practice are accredited for many of the inspection and testing procedures required. We are able to accredit cattle and horses for export to the United States. For other species of animals or destinations, please contact either clinic and we will be happy to discuss the requirements with you.