Treat your pet to a gift this Christmas!

This Christmas, treat yourself and your pet to a great gift.  Below are some of the favorite things from our team at Norsask Veterinary Group.  We have even included the link to the item on our on-line store.  If you want to order, just sign up and we will get you set up within 24 hours so you can have things shipped right to your house.  While you are there, check out all the variety of toys, treats, food, and more that can be shipped to your house.  HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!


Greenies are by far Cassie’s favourite treat and they are also good for her teeth, double bonus.

Marlene – Veterinary Office Admin


I love the Buster DogMaze bowl.  My dog Max used to eat so fast he would make himself sick.  I switched his bowl to this and he eats at a more normal pace.  He is a Newfie cross so the large one works very well.

Dana – Office Manager


Kong Active Crinkle Tunnel is kitten’s Floyd & Lena’s favourite, they gave it a 10/10 for recommendation. They love to run & tackle each other as they run in & out of this tunnel.

Sara- Veterinary Office Admin


Kong Core Strength Ball would be my dog Emma’s Christmas present. She is enthralled with playing fetch.  The tennis balls that everyone tries to use are so abrasive for their pet’s teeth so we have zero tolerance for them in our home and use these.

Chrissie-Veterinary Technician


Canine Greenies for my dogs, Freddie & Oscar, they love them and they work to keep their teeth clean!

Andrea Petruka -Veterinarian


The Grinz Ball is soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth, but firm enough to bounce. Since Olive, the French bulldog mix, loves to play fetch this ball will be ideal for her smaller mouth yet durable for her strong teeth.

Shannon – Veterinary Technician


Lex loves to play with her water, we are hoping this water fountain can keep her busy and possibly encourage her to play with this water rather than the toilet bowl!

Brittany – Veterinary Technician


Mocha loves to wear his sweaters in the winter, since he gets cold so fast with his hair short. A new sweater is always a welcomed gift for him, he wears them every day so having multiple sweaters makes it easy to keep them clean.

Shelby – Veterinary Office Admin